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An unbiased financial advisory firm putting clients' needs first, always.

Alan Zee is a former Vice President, Financial Advisor for some of the world’s largest banking institutions. His corporate career spans 16 years at Fortune 500 financial institutions as a financial advisor. During these 16 years, he mastered the ins and outs of the financial industry. He worked with thousands of bank clients over the years, but he realized that these banks are not always acting as fiduciary to their clients. Many times, they are putting the revenue before the clients.


The average financial advisor in the industry is 55 years old. You would probably be shocked to learn that most financial advisors are not financially sound. The average American is living paycheck to paycheck. Your average financial advisor is no different. Because they can’t afford to retire early. Many financial advisors are having money troubles.

Alan started to offer simple, unbiased financial solutions to clients seeking unbiased financial advise with zero conflict of interest. He charges an hourly fee for the financial consultation services. Another popular option is an annual membership for unlimited financial consulting advice and services.* 

Here are the areas I cover. If you have any specific questions, please contact our office at

  • Real Estate Consultation, including buying primary or investment properties.

  • Retirement consultation and planning,  including 401k, IRA, Annuities.

  • Business consultation.

  • General investment consultation.

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